Joy Nneoma Abogu bags first class in law at University of Ibadan

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By Favour Nnabugwu



A young Nigerian lady, Joy Nneoma Abogu has bagged a Law degree with first-class honors from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Joy Abogu obtained her bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of Ibadan (UI) after 7 years instead of the normal academic timeline of 5 years due to several challenges.

Joy shared her achievement on her LinkedIn page sharing the reason why her course which was initially supposed to be five years elongated to seven years. She highlighted the lockdown and an industrial strike by the university’s academic union as the main reason for the setback.

She stated that her final year in school was the most challenging, saying she struggled to maintain good grades amidst working a full-time remote job with other side jobs. Joy added that the stress was overwhelming but she persevered till the very end.

“I have always been on a First Class since my 100 level, and it was my earnest desire to remain there until I graduate. But at some point, I was exhausted because the stress of combining schooling with working was overwhelmingly unbearable,” Joy said.

”And there was also my Final Year Long Essay to write amidst all these. I was getting little to no sleep every night. I broke down many times, fell sick more times than I can remember, and even felt like giving up at some points. Nevertheless, by God’s grace, I persevered till the end,” she added

She expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing that her final grade validates the worth of her efforts and ensures that her hard work was not in vain

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