Beechcraft 350 Aircraft takeoff accidents crash twice in 3 months

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On February 21, 2021 A Beechcraft 350 Super King Air crashed in Abuja, Nigeria killing 7 people.

Two deadly Beechcraft King Air accidents at the end of June 2019 helped propel aviation safety into one of its darkest periods on record.

The fact that both accidents occurred shortly after takeoff—and several recent similar events—might be cause for alarm for this popular twin turboprop, according to Per Second News

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters on Friday said bad weather was also responsible for the crash of a Nigerian Air Force Beachcraft 350 aircraft at the Kaduna International Airport that killed 10 people including the Army Chief, General Ibrahim Attahiru.

Since October 2014 there have been at least five King Air accidents during takeoff or initial climb.

During each of these events, including the two most recent crashes, the pilot lost control of the aircraft shortly after takeoff. In four of these events, the aircraft wreckage hit structures on or near an airport.

The crash on Friday in Kaduna occurred close to the airport after takeoff also.

On June 30, 2019, nine days after an Hawaii crash involving a Beechcraft 350 aircraft, another King Air 350 collided with a hangar and terrain after takeoff from Addison Airport in Texas. Two pilots, one an ATP and the other commercial-rated, and eight passengers died. The Part 91 cross-country flight was planned to depart Addison and fly to St. Petersburg, Florida.

According to the preliminary report, the takeoff and departure of the airplane were captured by several video cameras, radar, and observed by witnesses. One witness stated that as the aircraft went down the runway, “it seemed quieter than normal and sounded like it didn’t have sufficient power to takeoff.”

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