Covid-19: Nigeria is 6th position in recovery rate in West Africa

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The Economic Community for West Africa States, ECOWAS COVID-19 daily update as at November 15th, 2020 shows that Nigeria is placed on the 6th position as regards the recovery rate (93.7 percent) in West Africa

Amongst the 15 member countries of the ECOWAS, Nigeria is the 9th position on death rate (CFR – case fatality ratio) 1.79 percent and 11th position on active cases (4.5 percent).

According to the report, there are 197,872 confirmed cases, 2823 deaths, 185,891 recovered and 9,151 are active cases in ECOWAS countries. This data represents in Africa, 10.1 percent the confirmed cases, 6.0bpercent deaths, 11.2 percent recovery rate and 3.5 percent active cases.

As regards the death rate (CFR), Liberia tops with 5.44 percent followed by Niger 5.36 percent and Mali 3.62 percent while Guinea is the least with 0.5 percent

On recovery rate, Cote de Voire tops the list with 98.4 percent followed by Senegal 97.6 percent and Gambia 96.5 percent with the least coming from Togo with 71.8 percent

Togo has more active COVID 19 cases with 25.9 percent followed by Sierra Leone 20.8 percent and Mali 20.8 percent with The Gambia contributing the least with 0.2percent

As at November 15 2020, worldwide, there are 54,370,186 confirmed cases, 1,317,139 deaths and CFR of 2.4perceny

In Africa, there are 1,965,817 confirmed cases, 47,138 deaths and CFR of 2.4perceny

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