Lagos-Ibadan rail-line will stand the test of time, Amaechi

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The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, said the the Ministry wil make sure that the rsilline on the $1.6 billion Lagos-Ibadan stand the test if time for years to come

Amaechi in his tweeter handle yesterday was indeed satisfied work being carried by the contracors. saying that he saw a lot of improvement the their work on that axis.

“On our inspection today, I noticed that there is huge improvement in almost all stations on the Lagos-Ibadan rail line.”

I have charged the contractors to continue with this pace but never to compromise on quality and safety. We want a rail line that will stand the test of time.”

He explained that by December 2020, to the first or second week in January 2021, the project should have been completed.

As the road infrastructures would not last without the construction of functional rail lines, he emphasized that there would be a restriction on the type and capacity of vehicles that can ply the expressways in the country, so as to reduce destruction.

The restriction is needed to reduce traffic congestion, ensure the safety of people and property, and also the safety of the road infrastructures across the country.“

He added that in a bid to make this a reality, the railway would be put to use, as cargoes from Apapa Seaport will be transferred to Ibadan via the railway.

While the Ibadan-Kano rail project is under construction, the expressway would be used to convey cargoes, pending the completion of the railway, which should be completed between 2-3 years.

Amaechi stressed the need to ramp-up the construction of the railways to ease the burden off the expressways, he said doing so will help to ward off the destruction on the infrastructure, caused by trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

As tankers are plying the road infrastructures with excess cargoes, He reiterated that the best way is to move all the cargoes to the rail tracks.

The Minister advised more patience and understanding with the government, to allow them to complete the infrastructures and the myriads of projects the government is working on.

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