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I think about the end of the Genre thing: drama, thriller, phase
Director: Charlie Kaufman
Stars: Jesse Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Tony Colette, David Theulis, Guy Boyd
Plot: Nothing is seen when a woman is worried about her boyfriend who just went to go with her to meet her parents on their remote farm.
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Full of doubt, a young woman is traveling with her new boyfriend to her parents ’remote farm. As he arrived, he questioned everything he thought he knew about himself and himself.
Charlie Kaufman Author:
Charlie Kaufman (written for the screen by), Ian Reed (based on the book by) Stars:
Jesse Plemons, Jesse Buckley, Tony Colette While there are other thoughts about their relationship, a young woman (Jesse Buckley) embarks on a journey with her new boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to her family farm. Trapped in the yard during a snowstorm with Jake’s mother (Tony Colette) and his father (David Theulis), the young woman begins to question nature about everything she knows or understands about her boyfriend, herself and the world. A study of repentance, longing and the fragility of the human spirit, THE THOUGHT OF FINAL THINGS, directed and written by Oscar winner Charlie Kaufman (The Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Mind). Inspired by bestselling novel Ian Reed.

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Anambra State Governor laments stranded equipment for 2nd Niger Bridge in Germany

By Favour Nnabugwu

GOVERNOR Willie Obiano of Anambra State yesterday begged President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene the 2nd bridge equipment purchased for the ongoing work which are still in Germany to be brought to Nigeria for the speedy completion of the project on record time.
Governor Obiano told President Buhari that the construction work at the Onitsha-Enugu federal highway has slowed down to almost zero level.
 Speaking with State House correspondents after meeting behind closed-door with the President, Governor Obiano, who is the only governor on the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, said that he sought the assistance of the federal government for the settlement of about 5,000 displaced people from his state.
 On the reason for the visit, he said, “I come once in awhile to brief Mr. President on the developments we are having in Anambra state and we do have a lot of beautiful developments. We also have some that bothered me to come right now, which is the flood.
 “Four of my local governments, that is four out of 21 are under water now as we speak because of this flood and it affected a lot of things, properties which include farm produce and what have you. So, I called on Mr. President to assist us at this very crucial time being a COVID-19 time and now, the flood we are experiencing this time around is like the one of 2012 which is terrible. So, he promised to do something immediately.
 “I did also apprise him on the progress so far made on the 2nd Niger Bridge. If you watch from their side, you will see that almost half of that bridge has been done. But because the water level is very high, the contractor working in that bridge requires some equipment which they’ve already purchased long ago sitting in Germany and requires some support from Central Bank to be able to bring in. I did mention that to him and the President noted that and said he will do something about that.
 “The other point was on the Federal University of Education in Aguleri. Anambra North Senatorial District does not have any federal institution at all. Other two senatorial districts have two or three federal institutions. The place is part of the area I just told you that is flooded – Anambra West, Anambra East, the whole of Anambra West is under water now, half of Anambra East is under Water, Ogbaru area is under water.
 “All these are majorly Anambra North. So, the Senate graciously approved and wrote to Mr. President to assent to the bill that they passed. This letter was written 19th September 2019.  So, Mr. President has agreed to quickly acquiesce to that so that this institution can move on.
 “On my own, I’ve paid compensation to the land owners and I’ve started the fencing of the massive property. And I am doing the gatehouse of the institution. All I require is Mr. President’s support by acquiescing to the recommendations of the Clerk of the National Assembly on 19th September 2019.
 “We did discuss some other roads, federal roads that are in very bad shape, about six of them and I requested Mr. President to see if they can go into their budget as they prepare for the budget of next year, to see whether those roads can go into their budget.
 “I did also talk to him that work has slowed down almost to zero on the Onitsha-Enugu expressway. I understand there are little issues, I don’t know what it is but he also promised to look into that.
 “Mr. President is doing well in Anambra. You know he built the Zik Masoleum that took 23 years to build, the road he’s working on, the Onitsha-Enugu expressway, he finished that road as PTF chairman and he came back as President to come and fix that road again. So, that’s an important thing to remember that he did it before and he is the fellow doing it again.”
 On the extent of damage in the four local government areas affected by flood, he said, “We have over 5000 people displaced and we already prepared some receptacles where we received the displaced people. But they need help when the water is receding because they lost their property which majorly includes their produce which they harvested before this flood crept in.
 “I believe Mr. President will be able to assist us to be able to support these families that have been displaced in this manner.”
 On the level of damage by flood and how much he would be looking for from the President, he said, “Well, Mr. President will give me the money and how much is it? I can’t tell you off the cuff but if they give N300 billion, I will like it.
 “You know normally, when you make this kind of presentation, the President will now send NEMA to come and see for themselves what has happened. So, NEMA will work with your team and they will be able to ascertain what the volume is and from there, Mr. President will see whether they can take in all of them or part of it as the case may be. So, I believe that process will go that way.”
Africa Re joins DIFC to capture middle East business

Africa Reinsurance Corporation, Africa Re has joined the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) to operate as ‘Africa Re Underwriting Agency Ltd (Africa Re).in the region.

The reinsurance company will provide conventional as well as sharia-compliant reinsurance services to the Middle East region.

Africa Re, which is expanding to select markets in Asia, Brazil and the Middle East, specializes in underwriting proportional and non-proportional (marine and non-marine) treaty business, offshore and onshore energy including oil, gas, petrochemicals, power and other utilities, as well as general property

The Vhif Executive Officer of DIFC , Mr Arif Amiri in a  statement“ We are pleased to welcome Africa Re to DIFC, especially as they have chosen us for their first office outside the African continent. Offering conventional and Takaful products provides additional choice and we hope Africa Re will work with DIFC and the other firms in our ecosystem to develop the future of the region’s reinsurance sector.”

The Lagos-based firm seeks to take advantage of the rising demand for Takaful or sharia-compliant insurance in the Gulf, South East Asia and Africa. The GCC Takaful market saw its aggregate net profit surge by 74.3 per cent year-on-year to $414 million in 2019, according to the full-year results announced by publicly listed Takaful operators across the region last year.

The UAE represented the second largest market after Saudi Arabia.

“We are confident that Africa Re will benefit from the increasing demand for capacity in the market, especially in Islamic finance, and use their expertise to shaping the future of the sector,” said Amiri.

Airports are viable with specific objectives, Sirika..As commends Obiano on Anambra cargo airport

The Aviation Minister, Senator Hadi Sirika said airport s can be viable if they are built with specific objectives.
Sirika made the while he received the the  Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano feho paid the Minister a visit in his office in Abuja.
While commending Obiano for embarking on a cargo airport project that will positively impact on the economic development of the state and the South East region as a whole.
The Minister said the Federal Ministry of Aviation and its agencies will always give the necessary guide and cooperation to states embarking on airport projects in order to ensure that all internationally set standards are met.
According to Sirika, ” Airports can be viable if they are built with specific objectives in mind “.
He expressed the belief that the Anambra airport will be successful in serving the interests of the trading population of the state and environs.
He also advised the Governor to ” sustain the ongoing collaboration with the regulatory authorities to ensure that all regulations and guidelines for the construction and operation of airports are met “.
Earlier, Governor Willie Obiano had said that Anambra International Cargo Airport, located at Umueri will be ready for commissioning in April 2021 and that the state would be honoured to have the minister perform the task.
“We are sure of the date because we have the money to compete it. We are not asking for any assistance, neither are we taking any loans. I am here personally to brief you on the project and to invite you to commission it for us in April 2021”
Obiano told the Minister that the decision to embark on the airport project was informed by the need to cater for the economic interests of the state and its environs.
The airport, he said, has the second longest runway in the country, after the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, built with the best available materials, with a guaranteed lifespan of 100 years.
“The airport is just a few kilometres from Onitsha town, the economic nerve centre of the south east region. It is strategically located and is a worthwhile investment, ” the governor further said.
According to him, the “construction of the airport has been guided by recommendations and guidelines of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) as it hopes to meet the best international standards”.