Women as an agent of transformation – Mrs Janet Abrahams… As Church concludes 2022 Women Conference

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By Favour Nnabugwu
Women in general and particularly in the christiandom should eadeavour to act an agent of transformation if things must change in the family, society and country at large
Wife of the Resident Pastor of Dunamis Church, Arab Road, Kubwa, Pastor Godwin Abrahams, Mrs Janet Abrahams delivered the message on Women as an agent of transformation at the last day of the 2022 Women Conference which was roundup in the 3rd Service yesterday.
Abrahams defined an agent of transformation as someone that represents another; someone that represents, is someone that acts on behalf of somebody else.
She talked about the values expected of a woman to include, consistency, modesty, reproduction, integrity and uorightness, hard work and respect and submission
Above all, Mrs Abrahams said a woman must imbibe the culture of love, kindness and generosity.
Among the Bible passages she cited include Proverb 31 verse 10: Who can find a virtuous woman, For her price is far above rubbies’.
A woman is a special child wired to be God’s mantle who should love and respect her husband at any given time
She said a woman should endeavour to make a change around them so that when she does, people will remember her for something good. Rhetorically, she asked, What change can you make in life and people will remember you for?
God expects women who will step out there, speak the right words and make a difference in the lives of their husbands, children, families, communities and wherever they found themselves.
She emphasised on women respecting their husbands, adding that a woman who respects her husband get favours from God and Man.
The four days event was backed full with Chorography dancers, drama, aerobics and Gospel musician, Oche Jonkings was on displayed and finally, it was concluded with an evening church dinner
Also speaking, the president of Sisters Fellowship of Dunamis Church, Arab Road, Kubwa, Mrs Favour Onoja who led the women through the women conference from Thursday September 22 to Sunday, September 25, 2022 with a closing dinner at the church premises.
Onoja beckoned on women married and single to join the sisters fellowship which she said that it a fellowship where women are spiritually uplifted, and grow in faith.
“Women are properly taught and mentored on how to grow their faith in God; how to be industrious and hardworking. As a women in Dunamis Church, you can’t afford to be lazy and lackadaisical. We actually learn new things anytime we come for Fellowship”
She said the Fellowship takes the responsibility to cater for the women particularly those that just gave birth, help and pray for the sick and visit and encourage sisters among others.
The president thanked the Resident Pastor, Pastor Godwin Abrahams and his wife, Mrs Janet Abrahams for the support the women got to out the package together.
She encouraged as many women who attend the Church but are not yet members of the Fellowship to be part of it.
“I urged every sister who is a member of the church, who is not part of the Fellowship to please come and join us. It is a place you will love to be. It is not only for the married women but for the singles, widows and divorcees. For as long as you are a female  in the Church, there is a place for you in the Fellowship, she noted

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    Oh my God! Thank you ma’am. Women are change Agent, we should effect positive change every where we go. Don’t allow things go wrong wherever you are, you are a help meet, an enhancer. Always know that the change begins with you.

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    This is great Dearest Sis .Thank you so so much for putting this together. The truth is after all said and done for the last 4 days, and as Agents of Transformation,we are waiting for speedy answers to prayers, in Jesus name.

    The Lord bless you richly, in Jesus name


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