ECOWAS Parliament suspends recruitment pending audit report 

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By Favour Nnabugwu
The First Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Hon. Idris Wase, has announced the temporary suspension of all recruitment, conversion and promotion exercise in the Parliament pending the outcome of Bureau of Investigation report.
Hon. Wase, made the announcement  while presiding over the closing of its 2022 First Ordinary Session  in Abuja ruled in favor of the motion for suspension of all exercises.
The motion to suspend the recruitment and promotion in the ECOWAS Parliament was moved by Hon. Awajim Abiante and seconded by Sen. Biodun Olujimi, aboth Nigerian lawmakers at the ECOWAS Parliament and upported by Hon. Yousoufa Bida and concurrently agreed by the house.
“I want to believe that all of us that are sited here are holding these positions based on trust and we are not going to betray that trust, your confidence.
“When I mentioned that we are going to go into that report of course, the other citizens out there are also our citizens and we will not like them to suffer unjustly because of one little problem or the other.
“So the first thing I will beg is that you allow the Bureau to consider, look into the report of the audit and any other matter that has been raised regarding the recruitment exercise.
“And this we will have to do it with all sense of diligence and integrity to ensure that the right thing is done within the shortest period of time.
“I will believe that of your very own exalted office that you are here and on behalf of you that the motion is in order but that you allow the Bureau to look into it.
“So that we do not unnecessarily delay the process and then report back to the plenary at the next sitting”, Wase said.
Earlier, Abiante while moving the motion said that “I as Awaji-InobekAbiante a lawmaker from Nigeria.
“Wish to move that all processes, actions, activities, aimed and geared toward the recruitment, promotion, conversion, interview and any other related matter be suspended.
“Until all issues that have been raised, all petitions that have been brought forth, all protests, all misgivings are comprehensively resolved and the Parliament is so briefed.
“I am bringing this up because I have further information that letters have already been served in this regards and if Parliament does not intervene, we might be chasing shadows at the end of the day.
“It might be that these processes have been concluded and they will just report to us. that is my position and I so move,” Abiante moved.
Olujimi who seconded the motion gave more insight on the situation in an interview with journalists at the end of the session also said that the suspension of the process is in the interest of community citizens.
“We found out that there was an audit report that should have allowed people who have been within the administrative cadre to move up so that there will be spaces down the row.
“We found that it had not been adopted and nothing was done about it and people were jittering, there was no doubt that everyone was jittering.
“You could cause despondency and a decline in the workforce if you do not allow people to grow properly within the system.
“So we thought that now that another recruitment was being undertaken, we felt that there was a need to look at that audit reports, situate it properly, move the people that should be moved before anything else could continue.
“And the leadership was gracious enough to agree that the Bureau will sit and look into it so that everybody will be in their rightful positions.
“It is a community, these are citizens and there is a need to make everybody comfortable in whatever they are doing”, Olujimi said.
“An issue was raised that there is an audit report. Can we have the audit report so that while waiting to have it, let everything be suspended so that we can look at it.
“It is not personal, it has to be a position of the Parliament. We have made a conclusion and we are coming back to it, meaning it is a very serious issue and we have to be very careful.
“When you listen to colleagues, you can see that people are speaking in terms of referral from the population.
“I want us to be very careful, let the plenary suspend the procedure even if it is by mail, let us have the audit report so that we can look at it.

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