Nigeria’s Faith Odunsi, 15, crowned world’s Best Mathematics student; solves 19 questions in 60 seconds

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By Favour Nnabugwu

The National Mathematics Centre of Nigeria (NMC) has crowned Miss Faith Odunsi of Ambassador College, Otta in Ogun State, Nigeria, as the ‘MATHEMATICS QUEEN’ for her outstanding performance in the National Olympiads Competition. Miss Faith Odunsi reportedly solved 19 mathematics questions in 60 seconds and thus became the Best Girl in Mathematics competition

Nigerian student, Faith Odunsi, 15, beat China, the UK, the US, and others in a global math competition — a move that made herself a part of history.

As the winner of the Global Open Mathematics competition, Odunsi excelled in all rounds of the competition and didn’t immediately think she would be announced the winner until she answered more questions than her competitors in the final round.

“My heart raced but I felt relieved,” said the West Africa queen

Currently, Odunsi is in her final year as a high school student at the Ambassadors School, Ota Ogun State.

Odunsi’s father is a doctor and her mother is a businesswoman and she says she has her dad to thank for the math genes

This accomplishment is something that Odunsi says makes her feel “happy and honored.” Despite the fact that the competition was tough, Odunsi managed to win by a 30-point margin.

Now, as the winner of the competition, Odunsi not only walked away with the title, but she also secured a $1,000 prize.

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