Monthly focus for October, 2022 by Pastor Favour Onoja



Pastor Favour Onoja

“And he said unto me, son of man, stand upon thy feet, and I will speak unto thee.
And the Spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me” (Ezekiel 2:1-2).

Welcome to the Month of October, 2022, the last Quarter of the year.

Our Focus for the Month is “THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT”

In this Month, the Power of God shall erupt in your life; it shall translate to strange manifestations of His acts; and shall bring major and mega transformation in your lives, in Jesus Name, Amen.

The Spirit of God is the conveyor and transmitter of His Power. It is the channel or platform through which the Power of God is demonstrated to our generation and dying World that is full of decadence and degeneration.

It is the avenue through which revival fire shall spread over the nations to tackle and terminate the covering cast that has spread over the whole earth (Isaiah 25:7).

We need more of this Power in these days of turmoil, uncertainty, perplexity, insecurity and unrest in the nations of the earth.

Jesus saw the need and importance of this Power, so He told the disciples to tarry (wait) in Jerusalem until they were endued with the Power (Luke 24:49) – The Power of the Holy Spirit.

He told them that their relevance, influence and impact on the earth is dependent on this Power. The disciples hearken to His instructions and they tarried for One Hundred and Twenty (120) Days in the Upper Room until the Power was released in Acts 1:8.

The disciples wrought signs and wonders when this Power was released. They turned the World upside down, held spell bound territories and Kings. They conquered territories for the Lord when the Power was released. It got to the point where the shadow of Peter healed the sick (Acts 5:15); handkerchiefs and aprons aprons from the body of Paul healed diseases and evil spirits departed out of people’s lives (Acts 19:11-12).


1. You are established, set up to manifest God’s purpose on earth (Ezekiel 2:2);

2. You are Restored;

3. You are Delivered (Luke 4:18);

4. Supernatural strength comes. Weakness and indefatigability dies;

5. It sponsors courage, fearlessness; and kills cowardice and intimidation;

6. It turns a weakling into a Lion. It impacts lionic unction;

7. It sponsors exploits (Daniel 11:32);

8. It destroys the yoke of darkness (Isaiah 10:27);

9. It brings a change of status (1Samuel 10:6);

10. It sponsors the manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit (1Samuel 10:6);

11. It sponsors supernatural speed – divine acceleration (1Kings 18:46);

12. It sponsors Supernatural Favour (1Samuel 10:3-4);

13. It sponsors Impartation and Amplification (Luke 3:21-22);

14. It sponsors Supernatural Supplies (1Samuel 10:4);

15. It sponsors Glory;

16. It sponsors Freedom (Luke 4:18);

17. It is key to Excellence and Prominence;

18. It terminates Delay and Barrenness;

19. It makes you a Wonder to your generation;

20. It is key to Wisdom and Expertise (Exodus 35:30-35);

21. You become a Witness Bearer for the Gospel;

22. It is key to Deliverances from Death and Destruction (Psalm 105:14-15);

23. It is key to Open Heavens (Ezekiel 1:1);

24. It is key to preference and acceptability (Daniel 6:3);

25. It is the secret to Inventions and Ideas (Job 32:8);

26. It is the secret to Amplification of your Voice (Matthew 17:5); and

27. It’s the Secret to the Blessing


I decree and declare that in this Tenth Month of the year 2022, you shall manifest the glory of God, in Jesus Name, Amen

I decree and declare that by the Anointing of the Spirit of God, you are preserved throughout this Month, in Jesus Name, Amen! (Isaiah 4:5-6)

I decree and declare that the Power of the Holy Spirit shall usher you into greatness and cause you to be a witness for the Gospel, in Jesus Name, Amen

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