Tower Saghana’s son, Best Saghana Weds Deborah Adesoga in Lagos

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Wedding ceremony of the first son of Tower and Celestina Saghana, Best Okesebulogue Saghana in Lagos on April 29, 3023


Best Saghana, his mother, Celestina Saghana and Deborah Temitooe Saghana after the wedding yesterday

The New groom and bride, Best Saghana and Beborah Adesoga now Saghana

Best Saghana and wife, Deborah Temitooe Saghana (Nee Adesoga

Mother of the groom, Celestina Saghana, the groom, Best Saghana and standing in as the father of the groom, Mr Monday Okoh


Father of the bride, Mr Mudashiru Oseni and mother of bride, Mrs Abosede Adesoga

Father of the bride, Mr Mudashiru Oseni, groom, Best Saghana and mother of the bride, Abosede Adesoga

Mr & Mrs Best and Deborah Saghana

L- Mrs Abosede Adesoga, mother of the bride and mother of the groom, Mrs Celestina Saghana

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