Pure Love (1 CORINTHA 13: 1 -13) by Pastor Favour Onoja

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By Pastor Favour Onoja



PURE LOVE. (1 CORINTHA. 13:1-13).

Pure Love is God’s kind of love; the agape /unconditional love. It means to want nothing and it does not expect anything.  It is natural, a gracious kind of love that does not make demands.

Gods’ love is pure without adulteration. It is not based on condition. He doesn’t measure His love, yet His love is constant.  As humans, of course we are not God, but can learn that Divine love from Him as believers. Gods’ nature is equally love and selfless.

At the same time, Pure love can be said to be that deep feeling within a person’s mind that fosters compassion, kindness and giving.


1. A Love That Is Genuine, Authentic And Real, Without Any Hidden Agenda: You cannot fake but can practically see it. It is also appealing, reflective, lasting and satisfying.

It is situation where you value each other, despite your differences. The man is respected as a man and the woman is respected as a woman. You listen to each other’s opinion, and when there is a difference, you both agree to work it out and remain happy in your relationship.

2. A Love That Is Not Self Seeking: That is, it is not a “me, me, me,” or a “I, I, I,” thing alone. This kind of love is not egocentric in nature but a love that makes allowances for others and consider other people’s feeling first before taking decision.

It is the love that synergies, i.e. where two people work together as partners. You think, decide and act not only for yourself, but for your relationship to succeed. You treat each other as two people united as one in heart, mind and soul (Amos 3:3; Psalm 133:1-3).

3. A Love That Is Born Out Of Trust: This is devoid of fear and manipulation. You hold each other in high regards and trust; and you don’t lie to each other. Truth and trust is the bedrock of such relationship.

Honesty is always practiced and it has already become a habit in your union. You and your partner enjoy it, as it helps both of you get rid of jealousy and insecurities.

You don’t have any reason to doubt your partner because you do not only trust each other, but you see each other as one.

4. A Lasting Love: This is an unconditional love, not based on circumstances. For example, you don’t say,  if this relationship does not work out, we will part ways, just like it is applicable in some modern countries today. People go into contractual love, just to get papers to work and earn a living. After few years, they divorce and thereafter, go marry whom they truly love. This kind of love is already built on lies. The Bible said “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do” (Psalm 11:3).

But in this kind of Lasting Love, you rather work on it and keep building on it together. This can be likened to the laying of blocks in a new building. You keep laying it systematically, you don’t get tired until you see the beauty of your building. The Bible said “The path of the just is like the shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day” (Proverbs 4:18).

Challenges in a relationship usually tries people’s patience. But in the case of a Lasting Love, those crisis makes both you stronger and be able to tolerate each other.

5. Love That Is Sacrificial In Nature: It’s the love that gives it’s time and commitments; lays down its lives for each other; and a love that says ‘make for me first’.

You are ready to give up your comfort zone, important possessions, self centered ambitions, and even your own happiness to make your partner happy and your relationship healthy.

6. The Love That Gives: Kindness is overflowing from your heart effortlessly towards each other. Hurting your partner never crosses your mind.

You are kind, generous, compassionate enough to always make sure that the other person is happy. It gives affection and demonstrates generosity towards each other.

7. Love Thst Is Humble: You can easily swallow your pride. You don’t need fame, attention or recognition to satisfy yourself. You can be happy living a peaceful and modest life with your loved ones. You don’t need to put up a show.

8. Love That Is Kind: You always want what is good for your partner. Kindness and good will always flow effortlessly from your heart towards each other.

9. Love That Is Faith Based: Your hope and trust are not just false beliefs; you believe God for the future.

You trust each other and you hope for the future because you both work hard to gain confidence that your hope and faith will not be in vain.

You build your trust and confidence in the Word of God (Hebrews 11:1; 12:2). You pray and study the Word of God together.

You share your burdens and you are willing to help in other people’s difficulties even though you may have problems of your own. You are willing to sacrifice to ensure the other person is happy. You are willing to go the extra mile.

Beloved, if you have not received Jesus into your life, could you kindly pray this prayer with me from your heart:

“Come into my life and make me a new person. Change my life and destiny today. I say ” NO” to sin and I receive the grace to serve and live for you by faith.

From today, I go forward and backward never.

Thank you for answering me, in Jesus Name.

If you prayed this prayer, you can reach me on my e-mail or telephone nos for further counseling and prayers.

E-mail: onojaaf@yahoo.com

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