Covid-19 estimated to cause 17m death globally

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While the official death toll from Covid-19 is just over 5 million as at 1 November 2021, the actual number might be much higher. Various studies conducted by international bodies, researchers and press groups indicate a death rate three times higher than the one reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

On 16 November 2021, “The Economist” re-evaluated the death toll at 17 million and demographic data could confirm these unofficial figures.

In several countries the excess mortality during the pandemic period far exceeds the expected mortality (modeled based on data from previous years). In Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico, excess mortality during the health crisis exceeds expected mortality by 50%.

In India, based on the same calculation method, Covid-19 victims would not be counted in thousands but in millions.

In Russia, it is the same: “The Economist” refers to 900 000 Covid-19 related deaths while the official figures are 250 000 deaths.

In countries known for the reliability of their data, the official figures also have a considerable margin of error. For example, in France, where the counts are carried out by different institutions: “French public health agency (SPF), the National institute of statistics and economic studies (INSEE) and the Inserm centre for epidemiology on medical causes of death (CépiDe)” the results that are revealed are very different.

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