LIoyd’s shut down underwriting room over New Covid-19

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Lloyd’s has pulled down the shutters on its underwriting room again as the UK enters a new lockdown.

Lloyd’s first closed the doors to its iconic One Lime Street building in March during the first wave of Covid-19.

It reopened in September by staggering markets across named days of the week. Lloyd’s then restricted access to Wednesdays when London entered Tier 4 Stay at Home measures on 20 December 2020.

But Lloyd’s has now completely shut its underwriting room

In a statement given to Reuters this week, Lloyd’s said it is unlikely to reopen the underwriting floor before mid-February 2021, in line with the UK’s six-week national lockdown.

The UK’s House of Commons is due to vote on new regulations that would allow the lockdown measures to stay in place until the end of March.

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