Blaise Engolo from Cameroon emerges CIMA Sec-General

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Blaise Abel Ezo’o Engolo was elected secretary-general of the Inter-African Conference of the Insurance Markets (CIMA).

Engolo is a Cameroonian working at the national insurance department of the Ministry of Finance, obtained the vote of 12 (out of 14) of the plenipotentiary member states of the conference that regulates the insurance market in West and Central Africa.

He thus becomes the head of a diplomatic mission with residence in Libreville, Gabon. He replaces his compatriot Issofa Ncharé, who was elected in October 2015 for a 5-year term.

As the secretary-general of CIMA, Blaise Abel Ezo’o Engolo will prepare, execute, and monitor the works of the CIMA council and committee. He will also decide on the modalities for the implementation of the acts drafted by the council, control (upon his initiative or after an order from the committee) insurance and reinsurance companies authorized in member countries and transmit a yearly report on his activities, and that of the CIMA to the council.

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