Climate change; CAPI cleans up Nyanya Park, calls for safe, healthy environment.

By Favour Nnabugwu
A Non governmental Organisation advocating for a clean and healthy environment, Compassionate Advocacy for the Poor Initiative(CAPI) has began  to mitigate the effects of global change in Nigeria in Nyanya as the rainy season moves closer
Speaking at a clean up exercise in Nyanya motor park in FCT Abuja on Monday,. Amb Rukaiya M Dambuwa. , Director, Climate Change. CAPI said it is important to keep the environment safe and clean hence it’s the basis for avoiding natural disaster like flooding within an environment.
Dambuwa recalled that the effects of last year’s flooding is still taking its tool on the people adding that, the reason CAPI is in Nyanya was to collaborate with the people and see to the safety and clean environment within the area of operation.
 According to her’ “Global change is real and has come to stay, what we can do now is to mange the negative effects of climate change and see how the environment can improve through cleaning and maintaining the environment.
“We are at Nyanya today because this is a gate way out of Abuja city, many people travel from this motor Park to other parts of the country, if they notice that the park is clean and the environment healthy, they will copy and want to replicate same in their place” she said.
Also speaking,  the Director climate change called on residents of Nyanya to stop indiscriminate dumping of  refuse, especially by the road side hence the reason for blockage of drinage resulting to floods.
The best way to tackle flooding is to keep the environment clean. We were in Jabi, now we are in Nyanya motor park, our next point if call will be the school, the reason is that we want the students to know that a clean environment will enhance their learning,” Mohammad said.
Earlier, Mr. Solomon Oga, Director Accounts at CAPI said, the essence of the clean up exercise was not for any personal gain, but a show of commitment to a clean and healthy environment which is the core mandate fo the NGO.
“We are not cleaning the Park because of the forthcoming elections, maintaining a healthy environment and advocating for such is the reason for CAPI. he said.
 Mr. Oga called on all who are interested in environmental matters to join hands with CAPI or carry out the same advocacy within their area of operation adding that the Nyanya motor park management have demonstrated a strong will to maintain their environment by joining them in the cleaning of the Park.
For Amina Sani, she noted that the management of Nyanya Park has become partners because of the receptive and collaborative nature in which they allowed the clean up.
The Director of operations and partnership noted that the advocacy continue with the park management maintaining the Park and talking to their staffs and passengers on the need for a clean and safe environment. ‘We are glad you gave us opportunity to clean this environment. She said.
The park management thanked CAPI and pledged to continue to maintain the clean up exercise.