Leadway, Anchor Insurance emerge lead underwriters for N20.1bn Police Insurance

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Leadway Assurance and Anchor Insurance have been appointed as the lead underwriters  for the Police Group life for N20.1billion

The insurance package for the Police includes Group Life Insurance for the personnel, property insurance for buildings and barracks, as well as aviation and marine insurance to protect against unforeseen risks

The Police Group life was approved by the Federal Executive Council to safeguard police personnel, buildings, and assets

Brokers on the Police insurance are Messrs Total Security Insurance Brokers and Messrs Golan Heights Insurance Brokers with almost 100 brokers consortium

This strategic move not only demonstrates the government’s commitment to the well-being and security of its law enforcement officers but also highlights the importance of protecting critical infrastructure and assets.

According to ameh ews, by working with reputable insurance providers and leveraging the collective expertise of industry professionals, the government aims to enhance the resilience and preparedness of the police force in the face of potential challenges.

The collaboration between government entities, underwriters, insurance brokers and  industry experts underscores a proactive approach to risk management and sets a new standard for ensuring the safety and security of both personnel and infrastructure within the law enforcement sector.

The federal government through this initiative seeks to strengthen its support for the police force and bolster the overall resilience of the nation’s security apparatus

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