Elders experience a beacon to insurance industry – CIIN president

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President of the CIIN, Mr Edwin Igbiti with some Elders in the industry


By Favour Nnabugwu

The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, CIIN, have acknowledge the immeasurable contribution and experiences of the elders who have committed themselves religiously to the growth and progress of the sector.
President of the CIIN and Chairman of Council, Mr Edwin Igbiti at the institute’s Elder forum in Lagos today also lamented on the death of Professor Joe Irukwu, the doyen of insurance and the National Insurance Commission’s pioneer Commissioner for Insurance, Mr Eugene Okwor.
Igbiti deeply expressed the gratitude of the present and up coming generations to take from the wealth of experience of the elders, adding that there experience is a beacon of progress to the sector.
He said, “It is a rare privilege to be in the midst of individuals who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom over the years. Your presence here reflects a commitment to the betterment of our society, and I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in dialogue with such a distinguished audience”
“As we gather here today, it is essential to recognize the invaluable contributions of our elders. Your experiences have shaped the fabric of Insurance Sector, and your guidance has been a beacon for the Present and up-coming insurance professional that have followed, he added
“From the date we last held this event in Year 2023, till today, they are: Professor Joseph Ogbonnaya Irukwu, FCII, FIIN, SAN, OON – Past PresidentMr. Eugene Okwor, FIIN – Pioneer Commissioner for Insurance”
 “In a world that is constantly evolving, your wisdom provides a steady anchor, reminding us of our roots and guiding us towards a brighter future.In our pursuit of progress, let us not forget the lessons of the past. The stories you carry, the struggles you’ve overcome, and the triumphs you’ve witnessed offer profound lessons for us all”.
“I extend my deepest gratitude to the Elders present for honoring our invitation to be part of this event and to offer your own quota to the betterment of the Insurance sector and success of this event. Your presence and contributions are a source of strength and inspiration for us all. Let us continue to work hand in hand, honoring the past, navigating the present, and shaping a future that we can all be proud of”
 “It is through understanding our history that we can chart a course towards a more harmonious and inclusive future.I encourage each of you to actively bond today, sharing your insights and experiences”
“Your voices are essential in shaping policies and initiatives that reflect the values and aspirations of our community. Together, we can build bridges of understanding, foster intergenerational connections, and create a society that values and cherishes the wisdom of its elders”.
The CIIN president also appreciated the institute’s college and the Registrar for immense support to the institute and the entire industry.

“t is pertinent we appreciate the Institute Secretariat under the leadership of our ever committed and dedicated Registrar, Mrs. Abimbola Tiamiyu for making this annual event take place this year by ensuring that there is a conscious social interaction with you all. Thank you and God Bless.Mr. Edwin Igbiti, FIIN”

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