Googles introduces ‘Generative AI’ features to over 3bn users

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By Favour Nnabugwu




Search engine platform Google has  introduced a new artificial intelligent, AI-based capabilities to Nigerian users and the rest of three hundred billion users across the world.

Vice President, Product, Google Workspace, Mr. Johanna Wright, who disclosed this on Wednesday, stated that the new features which will start with Generative AI will enable users to work smartly.

Wright said: “As we embark on this next journey, we will be bringing these new generative-AI experiences to trusted testers on a rolling basis throughout the year, before making them available publicly.

With these features, you’ll be able to: draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize your Gmail; brainstorm, proofread, write, and rewrite in Docs and bring your creative vision to life with auto-generated images, audio, and video in Slides.

“You can go from raw data to insights and analysis via auto completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization in Sheets, then generate new backgrounds and capture notes in Meet and it also enables workflows for getting things done in chat.”

He explained that the first set of AI features will include: embedding generative AI in Docs and Gmail to help people get started writing.

He said: “Whether you are a busy human resource, HR professional who needs to create customized job descriptions, or a parent drafting the invitation for your child’s pirate-themed birthday party, Workspace saves you the time and effort of writing that first version.

“Simply type a topic you’d like to write about, and a draft will instantly be generated for you. With your collaborative AI partner, you can continue to refine and edit, getting more suggestions as needed.

“Generative AI in Docs helping to write a job description. Finding the right tone and style can also be tricky at times. Perhaps you’re applying for a new job, or writing to a new supplier in a more traditional industry, and you need to adopt a more formal tone in your email.

“Or you’ve jotted down a few bullets on your phone from a recent meeting and want to transform them into a more polished summary to share with your team. For these common scenarios and many more, we’re adding new generative AI capabilities to help you rewrite.

“And if you’re in the mood to let AI try out a new playful voice altogether, you’ll be able to hit the “I’m feeling lucky” option in Gmail. Generative AI in Gmail formalizing notes into a polished email.

“It Keeps users in control. As we have experimented with generative AI ourselves, one thing is clear: AI is no replacement for the ingenuity, creativity, and smarts of real people. Sometimes the AI gets things wrong, sometimes it delights you with something offbeat, and oftentimes it requires guidance.

“With all this in mind, we’re designing our products in accordance with Google’s AI Principles that keep the user in control, letting AI make suggestions that you’re able to accept, edit, and change. We’ll also deliver the corresponding administrative controls so that IT is able to set the right policies for their organization,” Wright added.

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