NCRIB President, Bola Onigbogi speech at Brokers Evening hosted by African Alliance

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From left: Vice President, Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), Mr. Tunde Oguntade; President, Mrs Bola Onigbogi; Managing Director, African Alliance Insurance Plc, Mrs. Joyce Ojemudia; Head of Finance, African Alliance Insurance Plc, Bode and the NCRIB Executive Secretary, Mr Fatai Adegbenro at the February Edition of NCRIB Members’ Evening





• Distinguished members of the NCRIB Governing Board
• Top Management team of African Alliance Insurance Plc, ably led by the Managing Director/CEO, Mrs. Joyce Ojemudia,
• ,Our guest speaker, Mr. Obashola Alo, FCIB, Group Head, Insurance/Financial Risks, Dangote Industries Ltd
• Our guests here present,
• Gentlemen of the Press,
• Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am most delighted to welcome you all to the first edition of NCRIB Member’s Evening in 2021, holding here in Lagos. Permit me to use this opportunity to appreciate all members across the nation, especially, our living ancestors, distinguished Board Members and all other professional colleagues for your unflinching support for the current management team.

It is no more news that activities and events are taking different shapes and dimensions. Some of our members can now sit down at the corner of their various offices and houses and still be a part of Members’ Evening. This is one of the numerous opportunities that came with the advent of Coronavirus. I am convinced that this development has further enhanced participation of our members in our various events and activities, especially, members in the diaspora. Although, it would have been my utmost pleasure to have everyone physically present here, but we must adhere strictly to the Federal Government regulation to curtail further spread of the dreaded virus. It is on this note I like to encourage my distinguished professional colleagues, especially, those outside Lagos, to leverage on this opportunity and be a part of our activities. Your attendance and participation in our events are always a source of encouragement. May I implore all the Area Committee Chairmen to always encourage their members to attend and participate virtually in all programs organized at the national level.

I like to reiterate that this leadership team is committed to the development of our noble profession. We are not stopping until all stones are turned. At the inception of this administration, I did identified two cardinal thrust of my leadership, which were Image Building and Strategic Engagement. I need not bother you on most of our landmark achievements within this period in spite of the challenge of Covid-19, but I need to stress that no leader is sustained without the followers. It is on this note that I crave more of your cooperation, suggestions and participation. Together we shall continue to stand. We have endeavored to make our events most resourceful and educative.

I am most delighted to inform you that before the end of this event, we will be learning tips on how to package winning bids. This will be handled by Mr. Obashola Alo, Group Head, Insurance/Financial Risks, Dangote Industries Limited who incidentally is also a Fellow of our Council. Our choice of Mr. Alo is certainly hinged on his experience on the subject matters. I would like to encourage you all to take the full advantage of this educative and informative session.

Let me use this medium to profoundly appreciate African Alliance Insurance Plc team for its unrelenting determination to further deepen relationship with Registered Insurance Brokers, as evidenced by the resolve to host this landmark edition of NCRIB Members’ Evening. Also, I like to officially congratulate Mrs. Joyce Ojemudia for her appointment as the Managing Director of a very progressive firm. I have no doubt in the ability of Mrs. Ojemudia to lead African Alliance to a lofty height of achievement. It will delight you to know that Mrs. Ojemudia in her personal capacity contributed towards the success of my investiture in 2019. She was also strong member of my Investiture Committee and she has again proved to us that she is Brokers-friendly. I have no doubt today that African Alliance Insurance Plc has etched its name in the golden book of record of Registered Insurance Brokers in Nigeria.

Customarily, at the appropriate time in the course of this event, we shall have the opportunity to ask questions from Mrs. Ojemudia and interact with the management team of the company on issues that are germane to the company’s growth and survival. I want to urge our members who have opted to join us virtually to also make their observations and comments at the appropriate time. You can also drop your comments.


As a critical player in the national economy, the onus is on the NCRIB to express grave discomfort about the increasing spate of insecurity in the country, in spite of government’s efforts to improve the national economy generally. There is hardly a day that passes by without reported cases of kidnapping, killing, terrorism and other criminal cases that is fast making our country dreadful to live in. This has reached a preposterous dimension and is adversely affecting the pace of economic growth as genuine foreign investors are scared putting their monies into the economy. Since there is a correlation between insurance and economic growth, it is most auspicious for the NCRIB to join its voices to the need to call on government to put in more efforts to combat security challenges in the country. We are using this medium to call on federal government to overhaul its security apparatus while at the same time enhancing collaboration with governments and institutions both within and outside the country to put an end to this menace. It is expedient to eulogize the federal government on its decision to change all the service chiefs, we enjoin the newly appointed service chiefs to brace up to the challenge and ensure the challenge of insecurity is tackled head-on. We also like to reiterate that the role of education and prompt information in tackling insecurity cannot be undermined. At this juncture, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) should be rejiged and repositioned to conscientize Nigerians continually on the need for them to be their brothers’ keepers by breaking down belief systems, be they religious or cultural, militating against peaceful coexistence and sanctity of human lives. Also, we implore government to join the league of developed Countries of the world who have resorted to using Information Communications Technology (ICTs) to combat crime. It is not out of place for the federal, states and local governments to deploy the use of CCTV in all towns and cities in the country. This device would assist the law enforcement agencies to keep better tap on criminal activities throughout the country.


Success does not come easy, but through hard work and determination. In the world that is often regarded as Men’s World, it takes courage for a woman to vie for an exalted position such as Director General of World Trade Organisation (WTO). The competition for the position of Director General, WTO was indeed fierce, but our own Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala succeeded in landing the new job. It is on that note that on behalf of the entire membership of the Council, I like to congratulate her on the accomplishment. We have no doubt in her ability to perform sternly in the new job. Her accomplishment as two terms Nigeria Finance Minister speaks volume of her ability to daze the world’s powers and perform beyond expectation. It is hope that with her emergence as the Director General of the Organisation, she would deploy her brain and brawn to evolve with laudable strategies that will boost and develop international trade in the world which will aid smooth flow of mobile trade between Nigeria and other Countries of the world thereby deepening insurance business in Nigeria and showcasing the structured practice of insurance that exist in our nation.

Earlier today, the Governing Board of our noble Council met to ratify and approve the admission of new Fellows to the prestigious society of Fellows of the Council.
Definitely, admission of new members into the society of fellows will further increase the number of members who had been admitted since the inception. The screening process has begun and hopefully, the Board of Fellows, the Committee responsible to access the eligibility of members who had submitted their application forms, would come out with their report.

Barring all unforeseen circumstances, about 56 Insurance Brokers be inducted as new associates of the Council tomorrow, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. In compliance with the Federal Government directives on Covid-19, the induction ceremony will hold at the Council’s event hall with adequate provision to observe social distancing and other measures.


In conclusion, please permit me to appreciate African Alliance Insurance once again for electing to host this evening and affirm that by so doing the company has again etched its name as one of the Most Brokers-Friendly underwriters in the market today.

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