Welcome address by Chairman IICC, Edwin Igbiti on 2022 Retreat for NAIPE in Ogun State

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Distinguished Members of the IICC,

Members of the National Association of Insurance and Pension Editors,Erudite Speakers Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the 2022 IICC Media Retreat for Insurance Journalists even as I convey the goodwill of the various Arms of the Insurance Industry under the umbrella of the Insurance Industry Consultative Council (IICC) to you.

This Retreat is organised annually by the IICC to serve as a platform to engage and recognize the contributions and the key roles the media has been playing as an instrument for awareness creation and education for insurance in Nigeria. It is also a great opportunity to feel the pulse of the public through the lens of the media.

It is against this backdrop that the IICC ensures its commitment to this annual gathering remains an ever-present feature in the calendar of the industry. This forum also serves the objective of further unifying all Arms of the Insurance Industry who have come together under one umbrella, the IICC, in order to ensure unity and single-mindedness in promoting the insurance industry agenda. It is vital to state that the IICC was formed with the purposes targeted at enhancing the profile of the industry as well as boost its significance to the nation’s economic growth. The objectives include:

1. Acting as an industry voice for national matters. 2. Acting as a platform for intra industry conflict resolution. 3. Promoting the industry’s image and growth agenda. 4. To take up and assume any other role that may serve the best interest of the insurance industry. The crucial position the media plays in the economy and society at large cannot be over emphasized.

Indeed, the media poses as a veritable authority for agenda setting, public education, sensitization and awareness creation. It is in the light of the above, that the theme for this retreat “Media as Catalyst for Insurance Inclusion”, comes to limelight. The media is a powerful catalyst for social change and equally an effective tool for insurance inclusion that the industry desires.

Hence, the need to continually carry the media along with the various initiatives and developments in the industry for good coverage and projection.At this point, I like to use this opportunity to express our profound appreciation to the media for its inestimable support over the years especially, you the insurance industry Journalists who have constantly employed your expertise and in-depth knowledge about the industry to objectively report the trends and opportunities as well as enlighten the public about the values of insurance. You will agree with me that there has been growth in the industry despite the numerous economic recessions, the effects of the COVID-19 and the #ENDSARS protests which resulted into millions of claims. The insurance industry has stood as one of the most resilient and fast expanding sectors in the nation’s economy.

As the industry witness expansion, we equally need you the media to keep promoting these achievements for the good of the common goal of the industry.We are partners and we urge you all to use your reputable platforms to consistently announce the gospel of insurance and its benefits to the public so that we can attain the desired penetration rate in Nigeria. When the industry is booming from our efforts, it will also be a common joy and gain for us all. Hence, the onus is on all of us, everyone in this room and our networks beyond it to ensure that the insurance industry attains its pride of place in the economic ecosystem. At this juncture,

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all our astute speakers who will be sharing their wealth of experience with us today. I am positive we will learn a lot from their expertise.

Thank you for honouring our invitation to this retreat and implore you to take maximum advantage of the knowledge that would be shared here for the advancement of your profession as modern-day information managers.

Thank you all for your attention and God bless.Mr. Edwin Igbiti, ACII, FIIN Chairman of Council Insurance Industry Consultative Council (IICC)

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