FG targets $33, 000 per capita income come 2050

By Favour Nnabugwu




The federal government has set a target of $33, 000 per capita income by year 2050, from the current level of $3, 500.

The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed, made this known at the opening of the on-going Nigerian Economic Summit today

Ahmed said, “I am pleased to inform you that the draft Nigeria Agenda 2050 is being finalised and will be launched soon.

“The Plan seeks to increase the country’s per capita income to $33,000 by 2050 and place Nigeria amongst the rank of Upper Middle Income Countries.

“The Plan will be implemented by successive governments through Six, 5-Year Medium-Term National Development Plans and Annual Budgets.

“The Nigeria Agenda 2050 has a moral imperative to lower the poverty and unemployment rate significantly as this is the only way we can ensure sustainable broad-based growth”

According to Mrs. Ahmed, the government would renew the social contract with Nigerians and encourage the citizens to pay their taxes to enable government fund Programmes and projects.

She said that the federal government would consciously design Programmes and projects that would attract Diaspora Nigerians to invest at home.

Mrs. Ahmed added that the administration was focused on unlocking the economic potential of the non-oil and high employment generating sectors to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth and development.

Earlier in his address, the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba, said that the administration was review 18 laws and 10 policies considered as o stacked to the private sector businesses.

The minister said that the National Development Plan 2017-2025 paid particular attention to the diversification of the economy, amongst others.

His words, “The NDP 2021 – 2025 has a unique objective of establishing a strong foundation for a concentric economic diversification, implying that the economy had already been diversified but the focus of the Plan is to deepen the diversification effort within the sectors such that each sector could substantially increase its contribution to GDP and create more jobs.

“The Volume III deals with the legislative imperatives identified as binding constraints to Plan implementation and has identified 18 laws and 10 policies that constrained Plan implementation over the years.

” A Technical Working Team (TWT) comprising the Office of the President on Ease of Doing Business, relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and a renowned legal firm has been set-up to review these laws and policies with a view to enriching Plan implementation.”

In his Keynote address, one of the founding fathers of the NESG, Mr. Paschal Dozie, said that “the Nigeria we need” must be “truly federal”, not just in name but in reality.

He said that there the Exclusive and the Concurrent Lists should be reviewed to enable decentralization of government, with a real federal system, as obtained in other federal governments.

He added that the federal government should de-personalise institutions to make Nigeria more attractive to domestic and international investors.

In his contribution as a panelist, economist and banker, Mr. Atedo Peterside, noted that the nation was being held hostage by what he described as “rigged-properity” by a few elite.

According to him those in that class were less than 1 million people but they have improverished the multitudes of ordinary Nigerians.

Mr. Peterside regretted that based on data released by the National Bureau of statistics (NBS), at the end of 2015, 68 million Nigerians were in full employment but that as at end of 2020 the figure of Nigerians in full employment has fallen to a mere 31 million.

He lamented that very few Nigerians had access to the exchange rate at the official rate and those with such access did not represent the generality of Nigerians.

Mr. Peterside also condemned the fuel subsidy which has continued to put pressure on the nation’s fiscal position.

According to him, those who were involved in the massive oil theft were those in government or their cronies.

He wondered how many Nigerians had.the capacity to bring in ships into the country and load crude oil and take it away from the country, without the government stopping them.

Air Peace suspends flight operations to Dubai over rejection of visas to Nigerians

By Favour Nnabugwu


Air travellers from Nigeria to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE will be forced to consider alternative means of transportation in the coming days

This came as Nigeria’s indigenous airline, Air Peace suspended flight operations to the country indefinitely over non issuance of visa to Nigerians by the UAE.

UAE immigration authorities last month announced a visa ban to Nigerians without any reason, rejected applications for visa while the fees are Non- refundable

Following the development, the management of Air Peace in a statement stated that, “We hereby inform the public, especially our Dubai passengers, that effective from Tuesday, November 22, 2022, we shall be suspending our Dubai operations till further notice.

“This is consequent upon the persisting non-issuance of visas to Nigerian travellers by the government of the United Arab Emirates and the accompanying inconveniences.

“Air Peace has been operating into UAE even with the country’s recent travel restrictions, but given the heightening hurdles Nigerian travellers are facing in accessing the country, it has become imperative that we halt our operations to that destination.

“We shall provide further updates as the situation progresses. Passengers whose flights are affected by this development can mail our Call Center to attend to their concerns.”

My heart breaks for Nigeria I travel when to different nations, my heart breaks for Nigeria — Pastor Enenche

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The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche has expressed concerns of the pace of development in Nigeria, saying that his experience traveling across the world makes him sad about Nigeria situation.

Speaking during November Anointing Service, Enenche said that Nigeria has enough money to turn all the state capitals into a Houston Texas or a Georgia. “The crude oil of one year if it is well accounted for is enough to sort out many things.

Maybe that’s why I don’t travel too frequently because anytime I do, my heart breaks afresh. The whole of Abuja here now can just be space for one airport. We went through Lagos airport to go, disaster.

“By the mercies of God, we have been traveling for a while now, America, UK, Asia, Singapore, Philippines, just around the world. I’ve never gotten used to how I feel about the wickedness of the leaders of our nation.

“Every time I travel anywhere, I feel if afresh. When we went to Singapore, I almost felt like crying. Is it possible for something to work like this and our leaders travel and see these things?

They travel and go on holidays with their families, go for medical treatments and see these things and even invest there, put millions of dollars there and it doesn’t cross their conscience to make their home like this.

“I feel it. When driving in Houston, come and see roads, flyovers, everything working. I said, ‘what is this?’ You travel, go for meetings, conferences, United Nations meetings and you don’t see anything. I see our people plenty there, my heart is broken, it’s like people who ran away from disaster, they’re plenty.

“Many applied for asylum, refugee status. I saw a young man there the other day, his family is still here, he ran away, and moved there. This guy is about to train in the best IVF specialist in the whole of the US and get a status and start working there, away from Nigeria. Massive brain drain.

He said that the same criminals are still presenting themselves, the same demon agents. “My phone had been working there and there were some text messages that waited until I arrived home. On my way coming, inside the aircraft at Frankfurt airport, ‘please pray for my brother, today is his wedding and he has been kidnapped.’

That was what greeted me on arrival, I don’t know the person but just imagibne, he’s in the kidnapper’s den on his wedding day. Wedding fixed, cards sent, everything – what a country. The demons that invited the bandits, terrorists and killers are still making themselves available.

He prayed to God to deliver Nigeria from the plague of disastrous and retrogressive leadership, “Lord, bless us with the right leadership that will usher in our Divinely allocated glory as a Nation. I see hope, I see change, I see help, I see mercy, I see the God of wonders coming through for our nation and changing.”