Insurance, Pension journalist, Sola Alabadan beat death again by whiskers

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By Favour Nnabugwu



The Insurance Editor of NewsPage Media, Sola Alabadan, escaped death by whiskers at the weekend while travelling from Lagos to Ekiti State, as a Toyota Sienna vehicle with Registration number GGE970GB, suddenly hit his car from the back and pushed him under the trailer in front of him.

The whole windsreen of his vehicle was shattered, while the bonnet and the bumper were damaged completely.

Immediately the accident happened, he said he thought the end has come as he could not see anything for some seconds.

Although he was not injured physically, he said the tiny broken glass splashed on his body, and he expressed fears that some of the broken glasses had not been deposited in his body.

In view of the fact that the driver of the car accepted it was his fault, he said he asked him if the vehicle has the minimum third party insurance cover required by the law and the driver said yes.

To confirm the genuiness of the insurance certificate, he said he had to visit the website of the Nigerian
Insurance Industry Database (NIID) and it shows the vehicle was insured. The insurance certificate was issued on December 17, 2021 and it will expire on December 16, 2022.


Sola had once before the car accident escaped the whim of death on May 30, 2015, in the real sense of the word.

I had travelled to Tunisia and came back on May 30, 2015. Before our plane touched down around 6am in Lagos on that fateful day, a car was already waiting for me at the airport and I was chauffeured back home. So, I didn’t stress myself.

We got home before 7am, knocked on the door and my family welcomed me as if I had travelled for years. So, I just handed over my bag to them to ransack it and pick anything they want therefrom.

Thereafter, I told them I needed to sleep.
After sleeping for about two hours, my wife came back from the salon and I woke up to open the door for her. She came in and I went to the toilet to ease my self. There and then, I was standing up urinating, but that was the last thing I knew.

People will say it was an heart attack or cardiac arrest, but I was long gone, as I didn’t know what was happening around me again.

Few minutes later, I was told that I collapsed but because I used my head to hit a plastic bowl in the toilet, the sound from the crash drew the attention of my wife to the room. On getting to the room, however, she met me lifeless and I didn’t know what was happening around me again.

So, she started pleading blood of Jesus as she struggled to lift me up the ground.
Few minutes later, the ever faithful God revived me and I came back to life.

When I came back to the world, my wife was already crying. She asked me what had happened to me, I said nothing happened. She told me I collapsed and had been pleading blood of Jesus over me since, before God eventually revived me. I insisted nothing happened to me. It was then she told me to look at the broken bowl and the soapy water on my body

Therefore, she suggested we should go to the hospital for medical check up and to satisfy her, I agreed and we went to the hospital. After samples were taken and series of tests were conducted, the doctor didn’t see any problem.

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